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Film and broadcast postproduction references
Feature films
BYE-BYE BLACKBIRD post production management
LA FEMME DE GILLES avid film video consultance
THE PREACHER assistant editor / post production management
MADAME EDOUARD assistant editor
J'AI TOUJOURS VOULU ÊTRE UNE SAINTE graphics / avid film video consultance
FADO BLUES assistant editor
OS IMORTAIS avid film video consultance / post production management
NHA FALA assistant editor
TWIN SISTERS avid film video consultance
PETITES MISERES assistant editor
UN HONNETE COMMERCANT avid film video consultance
L'AMOUR EN SUSPENS avid film video consultance
DU POIL SOUS LES ROSES avid film video consultance


ELEGANT hd avid film video consultance
STARFLY assistant editor - visual fx /post production management
SCHMOL assistant editor - visual fx
DANSE, DANSE, DANSE avid film video tech
UN COMBAT assistant editor
ICE CREAM SUNDAE assistant editor


DOHEEM visual f/x
ONS ARMÉI visual f/x
LES PERDANTS ... avid film video consultance
STOL AUS LETZEBUERG avid film video consultance
PORTRAITS D'ARTISTES avid film video consultance


MAINZEL MANCHEN digital imaging / compositing
PIVOINE ET PISSENLIT digital imaging / compositing
THE CROBS digital imaging / compositing
VALERIAN digital imaging / compositing
MARQUISART digital imaging / compositing
THE KETCHUPS digital imaging / compositing
BILL BODY digital imaging / compositing
THE TIDINGS digital imaging / compositing
LES INVENTIONS DE LA VIE digital imaging / compositing
THE WHITE CAMEL motion-stop camera / sound editing
FLITZHE FEUERZHAN motion-stop camera
DE BOOMHUT digital motion-stop camera
COCOCINELLE digital imaging / compositing
LES TIFOUS motion-stop camera
LEA AND GASPAR motion-stop camera
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